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Mr. Lindell: Photo, Yearbook, CAD


Welcome to my classes! This is the website for all of them. I teach:

►Digital Photography

►ADVANCED Digital Photography


Engineering Design (Hand-Drafting, Computer-Aided Drafting, Drawing & Design)



All students are expected to store their projects and files on Google Drive. It is also a really good idea to use some sort of flash drive. They should get the highest capacity they can. I have some old ones students can use in class.



If a student cannot log on, they may need to fill out the Acceptable Use Policy forms. They are located here (click on the link):



Everyone has a school account they can use. Some students are using a personal account, but they really need to use the school one.



Students place anything they want graded in a folder they have shared with me and then come up and tell me that they are ready to have it graded.

Please see "How to Read Grades on Aeries" pdf on this site.

Files should be pdf format and be named in the following manner: period, firstname lastname assignment. Example: 1 Mr Lindell goals.pdf



Students who do well in my classes tell me that the "secret" is to do the work. Take pictures (use a phone or a camera), bring them to class and do the computer work in class. Use the time in class wisely. There IS enough time! Read the directions, watch the demonstrations and turn the projects in to be graded. It's really that simple.



I have put all the class documents on this site. If there is anything missing or there are errors, please let me know. 



Please email me anytime if you have any questions, concerns or comments.



Mr. Lindell

REVISED 9/9/15

"Parent Letter"

The "Parent Letter" is located in the "CLASS POLICIES AND DESCRIPTIONS" folder on the left side.

Look inside and find the appropriate one for your class. Download the whole paper, print it for your records. Please print, fill out and return ONLY the last page.

Student Info Form

This is the form for student to fill out to tell me about themselves. It's optional.


Student Info Form

Helpful links (let me know if they are broken or no longer valid(:


Mr. Lindell s Favorite ColorMr. Lindell was born in the City of Angels , educated as a Techman, Banana Slug  and Forty-Niner. He got his teaching credential as a Gator. He has worked as a Drafter, Industrial Designer and Project Manager. He has taught as a Bulldog, Toro, Centurion, and is currently a Pioneer. When he is not at school, he can be found on his mountain bike trying not to crash. He wishes students would read the instructions, even though he himself doesn't always do so. He has won "Favorite Rookie", "Most Creative" and "Most Unique" in the teacher polls. He is everyone's favorite Photography teacher, Engineering & Design teacher and the Yearbook Adviser. His favorite color is Pantone 300C .


By email at


If you want to get pictures printed, upload them to the following folder on my Google Drive. Copy and paste or click the link:

Click here.

File names MUST be in the following format:

period firstname lastname projectname.jpg. Example: 6 mr lindell photomontage.jpg

Files MUST be jpegs.

Do not create any more folders. They will be deleted.

How to Save PowerPoints

Save your PowerPoints to the folder on Google Drive:

Click here

File names should be in the following format: period firstname lastname final.pptx (Example: 6 mr lindell final.pptx)

"You marked me Absent!"


I take roll visually, which means if you are not in your seat when I take roll at the beginning of class, you are marked absent. Let me know BEFORE class if you are going to be out of your seat (bathroom, Photo Studio area, etc.) so I mark you here.

If you are gone without permission for a longer period of time and I notice it, I will mark you absent. You need to tell me you are going outside to take pictures and you need to stay in the IA area. Do not wander around campus.

You need to tell me when you walk in late. Do not rely on me seeing you; come up and tell me you are here.

I get a sign-off sheet for roll every week in which I might be able to fix any mistakes, but I cannot remember when you are here or not here, so it’s important to be in your seat during roll.

Please note, a few unexcused absences/truancies will not prevent you from graduating from high school or going to college.

I will NOT sign anything from the attendance office.

Turning In Projects

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the instructions and watch the videos on how to turn in a project.

FILENAMES: I will only grade projects named in the proper format: period firstname lastname projectname. Example: 6 mr lindell why im here. The only exception is yearbook timesheets (see below).

FILE TYPE: files MUST be pdf's. I will not grade any other kind of file. If there is ever an exception, I will let you know.

ALL STUDENTS: make sure to include the grading rubric! Both it and the project need to be in ONE file, not 2 separate ones. Make sure your name, date and period is on everything, including the grading rubric. Upload them to the folder you share with me on Google Drive. Make sure my name is spelled correctly. I only want files that you want graded in this folder. IMPORTANT: Come up to the podium and tell me you have a project to grade. Do not assume I will just know. You must do this in order for me to grade projects! Once I grade them, move the one with my notes and writing to a folder on your Google Drive called "Graded Work". Do not throw anything away. You will need your projects for your final assignment at the end of the year.

YEARBOOK STUDENTS: some projects do not have a grading sheet that needs to be uploaded. Be sure the READ the instructions; you are expected to know if you need to add a grading rubric. The projects with no rubric are graded in class when you present.

When submitting timesheets, name them as follows: 5 firstname lastname timesheet date of Monday.pdf. For example: 5 mr lindell timesheet 9-7-15.pdf would be the name of the timesheet for the week of 9/7/15. Even if the Monday is a holiday, use that date. Use dashes only, NOT slashes!

The blank timesheet is saved as a Word document, but you still need to convert it to a pdf to upload it.

Critiques & Presentations

For critiques and presentation you need to share with the class, upload them to this folder (click on the link. If that doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser window):


You file should be named in the following format:


period firstname lastname project name. Example 1: 6 mr lindell critique. Example 2: 6 mr lindell house presentation

3D Printer Files

Place the .stl files for your keychains in this folder:


Copy and past the link in your browser.


Save them in the following naming format:  period first last keychain.stl (Example: 6 mr lindell keychain.stl). I will not upload of print files not named properly.


Copy and Paste this link for a slide show of student work:


Copy and paste this link into your Chrome browser:

"Teachers open the door.
You enter by yourself."

~ Chinese Proverb


Mr. Jeff Lindell
Yearbook Advisor
Engineering Design/Drafting/CAD

Personal Work


Nothing Posted